ESRI Story Map

ESRI Story Map

Explore the landscape readings in this story map.

UNF Pilgrimage Project
2017 Landscape Readings

In 2017, twenty-three University of North Florida students from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds, participated in two six-week courses focused on pilgrimage and the Camino de Santiago. In addition to an examination of the historical roots of Christian pilgrimage, students focused on pilgrimage landscapes — specifically, the ways in which the practice of pilgrimage shapes, and is shaped by, the cultural landscape of northern Spain.

Students analyzed selected landscapes along the final 120 km of the Camino. The initial process of data gathering took between 45 and 60 minutes. Students captured GPS coordinates, photographed the site from a variety of angles, and recorded soundscapes. In addition, students were asked to consider the ways in which pilgrims interacted with, and created meaning from, these landscapes. Their observations have been mapped for the UNF Pilgrimage Project and are included here in this story map.

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