Looking Back

Missing Spain Already

Sarah Jane It’s difficult to imagine that only a few weeks ago we were in Spain and missing home. Now the situation is completely flipped after a few hot showers and long naps, I’m home missing Spain. In the beginning of the trip I was so anxious about traveling abroad for so long that I… Read More Missing Spain Already

Looking Back

What’s Next?

Maureen Looking back on our three weeks in Spain it seems like everything went by so fast. Even though by the time we got to Santiago I was feeling a bit homesick, I remember thinking that it did not feel like we were gone for almost a month. At the same time, when I’d look… Read More What’s Next?

Arzúa, O Pedrouzo

Wobbling Toward St. James

Group 1—Brianna, Jessica, Monica and Trenton  Today marked the penultimate day of our Camino. With 60 miles already behind us, Santiago and our journey’s end suddenly felt that much more real. However, as pleasing as dreams of our fast approaching destination may have been, a much less pleasing reality settled in during breakfast. The stress… Read More Wobbling Toward St. James

Melide, Arzúa

The Beat Goes On

Group 3 — Sarah, Nadia, and Chad Today was Day Four of the Camino, a majority of the group walked to Arzúa. The walk has become routine at this point, however, waking up early is something we will never get used to. The longer we walk the less we focus on the physical aspect of… Read More The Beat Goes On

León, Sarria

Moving Again

Group 2 — Maureen, Savannah and Wesleee Today was our last day in León and our last day before beginning the Camino proper. Since the start, we’ve been taking buses and trains from city to city, staying multiple nights in each place. But now the real pilgrimage begins. Our slow pace has been fun and has allowed us… Read More Moving Again


Another Day, Another City

Group 1 — Brianna, Monica, Jessica and Trent Once again we find ourselves waking up to a new destination ready for exploration. After our time in Burgos we had assumed we had a fairly good idea of what León would be like, but it proved to be a very different but equally stunning city. Something… Read More Another Day, Another City

Burgos, Castillo de Burgos, Mudéjar Art and Architecture

Kick Off those Sunday Shoes Featuring Old School Dance Off

Group 1 — Brianna, Jessica, Monica and Trent Another early day in Burgos began with a reminder that while we may be in Spain, we are still in school. Dr. Sheffler’s lecture and accompanying discussion was a welcome reminder of the theories behind the reasons for pilgrimage and how landscapes are shaped by people and institutions. It was interesting… Read More Kick Off those Sunday Shoes Featuring Old School Dance Off

Covarrubias, Santo Domingo de Silos

Oppressive Heat, Missed Vespers, a Wedding, and Baby Heads

Group 2 — Maureen, Savannah and Weslee We visited Covarrubias, an early Castilian city. Everywhere was the seal of the Castilian kings. Adán gave us a guided tour of the Colegiate Church. Inside we saw an art gallery with late medieval religious depictions of St. Michael, St. Sebastian, St. Cecelia. There was an abundance of Marian representations. All… Read More Oppressive Heat, Missed Vespers, a Wedding, and Baby Heads

Packing, Travel

Rough Start

By Sarah — Group 3  I can’t wait to get going to Barcelona. The trip has been rough so far with our flight cancelation but luckily the group grounded together has been really cool! I did most of my packing the weekend before due to a family emergency but I still got it all laid out… Read More Rough Start


First of Many Firsts

By Monica Group 1 It is the night before we depart for the country we have been learning so much about. I am getting quite nervous for Spain. I think my nerves come from the fact that I am going to experience many ‘firsts’ on this journey. For example, my first flight ever will be… Read More First of Many Firsts