Looking Back

Missing Spain Already

Sarah Jane

It’s difficult to imagine that only a few weeks ago we were in Spain and missing home. Now the situation is completely flipped after a few hot showers and long naps, I’m home missing Spain. In the beginning of the trip I was so anxious about traveling abroad for so long that I wanted the whole thing to be over with as fast as possible. That changed within minutes of meeting the first half of the crew at Charlotte International Airport and as the trip continued I realized how much I would miss everyone. Nothing says bonding like three weeks of strangely shaped hotel rooms, blisters on top of blisters, and strange pep talks. What I think I’ll remember most fondly about this trip was the people I traveled with. 

Students in Burgos at fortress
At the Castillo de Burgos overlooking the city from the hill of San Miguel

Of course I’ll also miss the excellent food. I have already started my search for a good cook book to lessen my grief over our breakfast potatoes. Not only that, but the culture in the areas we travelled was so welcoming and encouraging. People danced and sang and welcomed travelers in to join in. It wasn’t something I was expecting to see but now that I have, I want to echo that welcoming feeling more into my friend group and all the things we do. 

Traveling abroad was a huge learning curve for so many things I can’t quite fit them into one blog post but I think what I took away the most from this trip was that you create the trip you want to be on. Positivity and curiosity are what drove us to get up in the morning and power through our trials and tribulations. As a group we supported each other through things like busted knees and exhausting hikes. Not only that, but we drove each other to explore new places. There was always someone willing to go with you to check out a local art vendor or hunt down an ATM. 

Students enjoying friends and ice cream on the Paseo de la Audiencia in Burgos
Enjoying friends and ice cream on the Paseo de la Audiencia in Burgos

I’m grateful for the opportunities we had and the places we visited. So many cool things that I can’t wait to go back to with family and friends some day. Next time I’ll definitely get in shape more and perhaps bring a bigger first aid kit. I’ll never forget the people I traveled with. If anyone from the gang is reading this, see you suckers for coffee. 

Signing off for the last time,
Sarah Jane