Arzúa, O Pedrouzo

Wobbling Toward St. James

Group 1—Brianna, Jessica, Monica and Trenton  Today marked the penultimate day of our Camino. With 60 miles already behind us, Santiago and our journey’s end suddenly felt that much more real. However, as pleasing as dreams of our fast approaching destination may have been, a much less pleasing reality settled in during breakfast. The stress… Read More Wobbling Toward St. James

Melide, Arzúa

The Beat Goes On

Group 3 — Sarah, Nadia, and Chad Today was Day Four of the Camino, a majority of the group walked to Arzúa. The walk has become routine at this point, however, waking up early is something we will never get used to. The longer we walk the less we focus on the physical aspect of… Read More The Beat Goes On