Arzúa, O Pedrouzo

Wobbling Toward St. James

Group 1—Brianna, Jessica, Monica and Trenton 

Morning field with hill in background
Beautiful Galician vista

Today marked the penultimate day of our Camino. With 60 miles already behind us, Santiago and our journey’s end suddenly felt that much more real. However, as pleasing as dreams of our fast approaching destination may have been, a much less pleasing reality settled in during breakfast.

The stress and strain of paths already tread made themselves well known to us as we faced joints as stiff as our toast and legs as wobbly as our jelly. If we struggled walking across the room for yogurt how might we fare hiking these last 20-odd miles of Spanish countryside? As a result of our pitiful morning condition we found ourselves setting out nearly an hour later than we had the previous days.

Galician hórreo
A typical hórreo, a granary from found mainly in Galicia, built in wood or stone, raised from the ground by pillars ending in flat staddle stones to prevent access by rodents. Ventilation is allowed by the slits in its walls.

While we did not all walk together today we did all find ourselves taking a slower pace for this 13-mile leg with regular breaks along the way. Because of this we often stumbled upon our classmates and professors throughout the day which was always a welcome surprise. Like every other day so far, the landscapes stunned and offered plenty of scenic spots at which we took time to catch our breath. For some of us that meant a cozy semi-residential street next to a wonderful cafe, for others a quaint shady little chapel perfect for a well earned nap. But at the end of the day we all kept moving forward and reached O Pedrouzo, our destination for the night.   

Tomorrow we begin our final day of hiking. Our excitement is only matched by our fatigue. But surely, when we get that first glimpse of Santiago on the horizon, it will all be worth it.

Graffiti on concrete underpass
Graffiti found along the Camino