Portomarín, Palas de Rei

Driving Hunger

Group 1 — Brianna, Jessica, Monica and Trenton

We started our day at a ripe six in the morning. The hotel we were staying at didn’t offer breakfast until seven so we decided to skip out on it until we got to the first cafe we saw. We thought it would only be a half a mile before the next village but we were wrong. The next town, Gonzar, wasn’t for three miles but it was too late. We walked all this way on an empty stomach which was the worst thing we could’ve done.cows on road outside of Portomarín

All of us started to get grumpy, hungry, and lightheaded. Finally, we saw a white light and the end of a tunnel which was a restaurant with photos of food posted out front. We immediately grabbed seats and ordered a big meal with coffee. Most of us got some sort of carb with eggs or meat to fill us up. This was the perfect pick-me-up we all needed for us to continue our trek. After a little stretch out front, we were ready to face the next eleven miles which didn’t seem so ominous after filling up. 

Morning outside of Portomarín