Roncesvalles, Puente La Reina, Burgos

An Ominous Beginning Redeemed

Group 1 — Brianna, Jessica, Monica and Trenton

When the day began with the news that our van had broken down it seemed like it would be another one of those days. But when the new bus arrived with more seats then we could ever need it was pretty hard to complain. After picking up our first stamp at a small market outside Roncesvalles we arrived at Puente la Reina. What stood out the most in Puente la Reina was the way the medieval structures we visited so seamlessly blended into the scenery of the modern town. What most encapsulated this palimpsestuous relationship most was when we entered a Baroque church hidden within the dense residential tendrils of the city.

Puente la Reina Iglesia de Santiago

This smooth transition from the cramped busy street to the cavernous silence of the church is certainly a highlight of the day, along with the stamp we collected there naturally. But of course the main reason for our stop in Puente la Reina was the 11th century pilgrims’ bridge. It’s hard to imagine the volume of traffic it has seen safely across the Arga river. It was nice to get the chance to cross this historic section of the Camino.

Houses along the river Arga