Santiago de Compostela

Exploring a New City

Group 3 — Chad, Nadia, and Sarah

Today was our first real day in Santiago! It’s been such a long wait and incredible journey to make it here and today it pays off with a free day to explore the city. Our first goal of the day was laundry! We all smell less than desirable and it was time to find a laundromat.

Blue and green graffiti
Graffiti in the streets of Santiago de Compostela

We also got some great footage of the city with Dr. Baynard’s twelve-foot GoPro pole and other gadgets. On our photography expedition, we found many nifty shops, a very cool park with a view into the city, and an abandoned church with some neat graffiti.

View of the Santiago Cathedral from Alameda Park
View of the Santiago Cathedral from Parque de la Alameda

We’ve done a fair bit of shopping already despite being here less than twenty-four hours. It’s the last city of the trip extravaganza and everyone is shopping for last minute gifts and souvenirs. There’s definitely a feeling of accomplishment and relief among the group knowing the trek is behind us. It’s hard to believe we spent the last week waking up before the sun, but being here in the city has made it all worth it. We are so excited to finish off our travels in Santiago and reflect on this trip as a whole when we get home.